Stanno Prime Compression Socks - Junior & Senior

Color: White
Size: 35/38
Sale price£23.99


The Stanno Prime Compression Socks offer ideal support during exercise and promote recovery after your sport activity. In addition, these compression stockings can be used daily when practicing a sitting or standing profession. The high-quality socks can be worn by women and men and owe their versatility to:

  • Perfect fit and high stretch content;
  • Reinforced heel and toe for extra protection and cushioning;
  • Anatomical foot;
  • Quick-drying socks due to moisture-wicking yarn;
  • Anti-slip function.

The unique features ensure that the Prime compression stockings provide a pressure 915 – 20 mmHg) for many benefits:

  • Reducing muscle pain;
  • Accelerating recovery of muscles;
  • Reducing fluid and swelling;
  • Optimisation of blood flow;
  • Warmth;
  • Preventing injuries, such as calf pain, muscle strains and cramps;
  • Prevention of tired and/or restless legs.

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