Gilbert Kryten II Sock

Size: 3
Color: Navy & Sky Blue
Sale price$11.00


The Gilbert Kryten II rugby socks provide the ultimate comfort with their mesh ventilation on the top of the foot providing air flow to the feet to stop them from overheating and the flat toe seam decreases the chances of rubbing against the boots when the player is accelerating or changing direction.

With these rugby socks we ensure players can focus on their performance in the game so they come out on top. Offering high density padding in the heel, toe and underfoot to coordinate with the feet, these socks provide a luxury experience for the player during the most intense of rugby games.

The Kryten II socks have an elasticated arch and ankle support to stop them falling down and distracting the player in vital moments of the game.  

In order for any club or team to get their hands on the Kryten II socks, Gilbert have designed a wide array of colours to suit everyone’s specifications with a professional match day feel. These include: the hooped design in navy/sky, red/black, black/white and amber/black. With socks available in adult (7-13), any team can experience the luxury of the Kryten II socks.

If you want socks that boost your performance and don’t weigh you down, the Kryten II socks are a perfect fit.

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